About City Gates

City Gates started as a project to make our own church websites better - and now we're sharing.

City Gates is a web-based content management system for church websites. You can create, update, and manage your website all from your laptop or iPhone. It's powerful, easy to use, and it's designed just for churches.

Read below for the nitty gritty, read some of the rave reviews people have given City Gates, or drop us a line.

How City Gates helps Why City Gates is better Who are you people? What's with the name?

Attract New Visitors

85% of potential church-goers visit a church's website before every going into the sanctuary. Does your website draw people in?

Build Community

Your church members already connect with each other online - your website should help! City Gates has community-focused features in every site.

Empower Your Volunteers

Your ministry workers pour their hearts into what they do; they deserve great tools. Tools like a blog, event calendar, photo gallery, podcast, uploads and extra pages.

Look Good

Your site should reflect

Your church does amazing work, right? Your website should reflect that. With City Gates, your design options are unlimited.

The Best Web 2.0 Tools

Bloggging? Check. Podcasting? Check. Video? Check. You'll be ready for the next innovation, too - because City Gates is constantly adding new tools.

Keep Fresh Content

It's easy to keep your site up to date, because City Gates is easy to use.

Built Just for Churches

City Gates is designed and built just for churches. It does just what a church needs, and does that really well.

High Quality, Low Price

To build a site from scratch with features City Gates offers, it would cost you a bundle - and even more to update! City Gates offers the highest quality website at the lowest cost.

Easy to Use

Our goal from the beginning has been to make City Gates easy enough for anyone to use (we test this on our moms).

Always Getting Better

City Gates is constantly updated. Your website will grow with your church and with new technologies.

Made by Real People

City Gates is built and maintained by real people. When you work with City Gates, you'll be working with people that care about the success of your ministry.

Just a couple of guys?

Can your website really be served well by a couple of guys in California? We think so, and so do the hundreds of ministries and thousands of users already working with City Gates.

We're pros at this. Our team has worked with big and small churches, but our design background is in the corporate world designing for clients like Apple, BMW, IBM, Mini, Omega, Saab, Volvo, UCSD, and KU.

Nathan Colgate Clark

Nathan worked in Silicon Valley before moving to San Diego to pursue independent projects like City Gates. He's passionate about keeping City Gates sites fast, lightweight, and easy to work with. Although he sometimes claims to be a native Californian, he actually grew up in Kansas.

Matt Kirkland

Matt's a compulsive designer, with a passion for usability. He's designed for clients in the US, Europe, and Asia - focusing on involving real users to create intuitive, useful products.

Before there was a Roman Forum, there were the City Gates. Throughout antiquity, community life happened at the city gates. It was a central place in city life, and we see its importance throughout the Bible in verses like:

“…before him in the square at the city gate and encouraged them with these words: Be strong and courageous…”

2 Chronicles 32:5-6

“Her husband is respected at the city gate,
where he takes his seat among the elders of the land.”

Proverbs 31:23, 31

This kind of community-building is happening on the web more and more - it's our passion to help the church deepen its relationships online. Get in touch, and let's talk about how we can help your church.